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Bookkeeping Fairplay Colorado

Living the high country is arguable one of the greatest places in the world to live. However, running a business, let alone keeping staff throughout the seasons is a different story. That is where we come in, let us handle the numbers, so you can get out on the slopes a little more often or sleep in... Up to you!

Powder Bookkeeping Fairplay Colorado

Bookkeeping Frisco Colorado Accounting Payroll Frisco Colorado

Bookkeeping Frisco Colorado

Bookkeeping is a pretty wide ranging topic especially in today's fast moving world. We assist all of our clients in AP & AR, monthly reporting, budgets, accounting clean up, general ledger entries and more!

Bookkeeping Frisco Colorado Accounting Payroll Frisco Colorado

Accounting Frisco Colorado

Similar to bookkeeping, accounting is a broad subject. Between taxes, depreciation, long term planning and more. It is something no business owner enjoys dealing with but we will happily walk them through.

Bookkeeping Frisco Colorado Accounting Payroll Frisco Colorado

Payroll Frisco Colorado

Keeping up with the latest in payroll law, managing employee hours and tips are all necessary evils in running a business. We work with a number of payroll companies to streamline and assist you with payroll. 

Powder Bookkeeping | Payroll | Accounting

Bookkeeping Colorado Based

Hello, my name is Trenton, the founder of Powder Bookkeeping. I started the company with one simple mission in mind... Be able to go snowboarding when I wanted to. 

After the years went by I have realized that is what every business owner wants. Not think about paying bills, running payroll, reconciling bank accounts 24/7.


We enable our clients to do more of what they love, spend time with family, take a vacation without emailing every 5 minutes, maybe even get some sleep!

So yes, we'll handle the financials so you can enjoy the better things in life.

Colorado Bookkeepers
What We Do

Colorado is a unique place and so are its businesses and its owners. As such we work closely with each of our clients providing them one-on-one bookkeeping services.

Accounting Programs

We work with all major accounting programs: QuickBooks, Sage, Wave, Xero

Bookkeeping Clean Up

All clients, especially if their books haven't been maintained will take some level of clean up, we are happy to assist.

Monthly Close

As part of our ongoing bookkeeping work we will reconcile & close out the books each month


We have worked with many employers & states to set up payroll and run payroll for our clients

Invoicing & Accounts Receivable

Whether you are a restaurant using Square or a craft brewery invoicing customers we got you covered! 

Bill Mgmt & AP

The least fun thing of all in life... Paying bills, although we may not enjoy it we assist all of our clients in AP & billing mgmt.

Small Buiness Bookkeeping Colorado Payroll

Small Business

Small businesses are the backbone of the economy but lets face it, they don't get treated like that. QuickBooks, Wave, Xero are great tools for every business but it does take a "craftsman" to know how to work the software's.

Our simple formula of one-on-one small business bookkeeping will go along way to keeping your accounting in order and unlocking value from your business.

Illustrated Mountains
No Long Term Contracts!

We, at Powder Bookkeeping are pretty damn good at what we do. As such we do not lock any of our clients into long term contracts. If we aren't living up to your standards then you are free to find another bookkeeper however we doubt you will!

Restaurant Bookkeeping Colorado Payroll Accounting


Restaurants have had a rough last few years to say the least... Covid, inflation, recession, staffing, the list goes on and on. We do our very best to take a few of your headaches off your plate.

Restaurant bookkeeping to us consists of a few main aspects. Constant and accurate reporting, focusing on food costs, payroll, and cash. With this we will handle your AP & AR, managing your accounting systems, payroll, taxes and streamlining your backend.

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